How Many Paid Days Do I Have In My Working Life? Find Out How To Find Out.

Do you need to know how many paid days you have in your working life? If you are going to claim unemployment benefit or are about to retire , you will surely be interested in the information you will find below. Not always a day worked is equal to a paid day, it depends on several things, such as the length of the working day or the number of days worked during a week.

How are the days listed?

Normally, it is thought that the number of paid days we have is equal to the number of days worked, but this is not entirely the case. Speaking of a standard full-time job and from Monday to Friday , they not only count the days worked, but the rest days are also counted. Therefore, weekends and even holidays are counted as listed days. In short, we quote 7 days each week when we work full time for 5 days.

In the case of part-time contracts or in which you work less than 5 days a week, things change. Rest days are also counted, but for contribution purposes, it does so to a lesser extent. To calculate the days quoted part-time, we must multiply the days worked by 1.4.

How many paid days do I need to collect unemployment benefits?

If your contract is about to end or you know that you will stop working soon, you will surely want to know if you have the right to unemployment . In order to access unemployment benefit, you need to have contributed at least 360 days during the last 6 years . It is absolutely necessary to have reached this number of days, if you have even one day less, you will not be able to collect unemployment.

If you meet this requirement, you will have a maximum of 120 days of unemployment benefit , that is, 4 months. If you exceed 360 days in contributions, you can access a longer benefit. Every additional 180 days, you have another 60 days of unemployment, up to a total maximum of 720 days.

How many days do I have quoted? Am I a long way from reaching the retirement requirements? These are questions that you can easily answer through the work life report, which, as you have seen, is very easy to obtain. If there are dates that do not fit you or you have doubts about the information that is displayed in your working life, do not hesitate to contact the SEPE offices, as a small error in the number of days contributed may affect your retirement or your benefit for unemployment.

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